Plastic Toilet Partitions

plastic toilet partitions

Our solid plastic toilet partitions have one of the longest life cycles in the industry. Resistant to rust, mildew, and graffiti our plastic partitions save you time and money on maintenance costs. Our solid plastic partitions come in 23 designer colors to complement your design scheme. Direct Partitions also offers custom color options for special requests and a wide array of hardware and mounting options.
State-of-the-Art and Strong

The technology behind our plastic toilet partitions was developed with one purpose; to endure. These units are constructed using a thickly-layered, highly durable plastic designed to survive high-traffic environments such as parks, stadiums, airports, and schools. Because they are made of plastic, these partitions will not rust or delaminate and they are completely water resistant. This means no mold, no mildew, and no painting over rusting metal. Since plastic is also nonporous, the partitions will not absorb odors or house bacteria commonly found in bathrooms, creating a more sanitary facility. For example, in a test conducted by SiTU Biosciences LLC, 98.4% of MRSA bacteria died off of HDPE plastic surfaces after 24 hours without the use of any cleaning solutions.


Plastic toilet partitions are just as strong as their metal counterparts; however, plastic stays tough longer. Due to the use of HDPE material and structural design, plastic partitions are impact, dent, and rust resistant. While the original installation cost of metal and plastic is comparable, choosing plastic partitions now means significant savings later because the strength of this material requires less maintenance cost over time. Although metal partitions seem durable, they bend and dent easily. This damage can affect the operations of the partitions and would require repairs to continue usage or complete replacement of the unit. Plastic partitions can handle more abuse, so there are fewer repair and replacement costs than metal partitions. Additionally, dirt, marker, paint, and adhesives can all easily be removed from the plastic surface using simply soap and water, power washers, or steam cleaners.


Our plastic partitions are available in different layout options and colors to match your design needs. With a variety of colors and textures available, the partitions can easily be customized to match the decor of your facility. Since our plastic partitions are produced using solid colored materials, they resist fading due to UV exposure, do not need to be repainted, and easily conceal minor scratches. The textured finishes available for the partitions help to hide any evidence of vandalism and normal wear and tear. These units further benefit the environment you create because they are designed to close more quietly than metal partitions which will significantly reduce the noise level of the facility they are placed.

Environmental Advantages

The plastic partitions are made from recycled materials, are 100% recyclable themselves, and can contribute points toward your LEED certification. Due to the impermeable HDPE material, the partitions will not absorb moisture and thus will never be afflicted by mold or mildew, plus, can be steam cleaned or power washed. Plastic toilet partitions have high resistance to stains and graffiti, plus, due to the plastic’s chemical resistance, they can be cleaned using a variety of solvents. Additionally, since there is no need to paint HDPE partitions, there are no VOC emissions. Both of these lead to the elimination of common odors and better air quality in the facility.